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Some news
Picture of me
Facebook will go through some fundamental changes in near future. :)

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I know you are a busy guy, I am a webmaster as well, so I can feel your pain. Anyways, I must say that you should consider adding a way to ID known sex offenders and tag them for deletion or, at least, identification.

BTW, how did you get the first 650 signups on the site if you didn't use any of the scraped images from Facemash and you didn't spend any money in marketing with only $1K in the company bank account? Or was that just BS from the perspective of others? If that's a sore subject, tell me...I won't bring it back up if it is.

I really admire you Mark, but not in a star-struck way...I understand you and that is a rare quality in a "brick and mortar world". Thanks for bringing back zuckonitt and take care Mark.

Thank you very much for everything! =DD

Hello, Mark. Just want to know whether you are real)

i have a few ideas for facebook i wanna share

you are such a dick,this is a fake id right???

Mr.mark are you really sure that you want to change some applications in facebook :)
im just asking sir :D

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