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Fresh start
Picture of me
So here it is, folks...

I've finally reactivated my journal. Don't know exactly what i'm going to write just as of yet, but definitely there's a word or two to spread. :)


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I'm hoping that this is actually you, and that this journal isn't being written by some random kid who is trying to get everyone to think it's you (I'm having my doubts about this journal's authenticity). But I'm writing this anyway on the slim chance that this is actually you.
You've probably heard all the praise and shit before, "Oh, you're a genius! Facebook is a revelation!"
And honestly, I'm surprised that you would like it at all.
I dunno, maybe it's the way you're portrayed in The Social Network, but to me, that last line of the practicing attorney is the one that makes the most sense.
Mark, you're trying to be an ass.
I'm happy to say that you're not succeeding.

Now, you might believe that I have no right to make any of these judgements, which is totally true, I don't. But I like to believe in the best of people.

So, (I'm pretty sure I just said all this to some stupid kid who wants to be Mark Zuckerberg) thanks if you did read this. It was kind of pointless, but I did want to say it to you.


Nice 2 see you are back

happy to see u here this seats a bit between FB and twitter, J/J

Welcome back, and I'm using your amazing site ;)

Never deactivate your journal

Why would you deactivate your journal man? I rely on my journal for expressing my thoughts, and feelings.

Hey Mark-

Why did you deactivate your journal in the first place?

I wish that I had your, or an E=mail address for you.

Facebook is okay. Personally I do not like it that much, but it is a good way to keep tabs on everybody you know who has a facebook.

I would like to E-mail you sometime. I'm quite sure that you will not give me your primary address. That's okay. I just would like to send you an E-mail every now and then. You might reply to this LJ comment. If you do please give me any E-mail address that you check.


hello Mack I learned here in Brazil the application whatsapp was bought by you guys, I noticed that the application viber this exploding also you already found? From a look and see if it is worth investing ..

Greeting to you too!

(Deleted comment)
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