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Any new ideas?
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The state of social networking could use some new paradigm?

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hello, mark. My names Cameron Hetherington I'm ten and I plan to make a website for my school however I need a review on it.

If you could give me your email address I could attach the files to an email.

If you could give me a review or well anything really,
that would be great.

Cameron Hetherington, 10
England Thank you.

it is needed scaling up horizontally
what facebook did until now is scaling up vertically
a good example of both is Google AdWords and Google AdSense

the best way to scale up horizontally is offer services and get advertise from it

I wish to propose to you an invest in keypic.com which is a solution to replace captchas with advertising

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First off - these comments suck so far (and to comment on the last one - fuck the old, always innovate).

And secondly (to actually answer the question) - Yes. People's jobs, projects, school majors etc are actually fascinating. Part of the social experience in real life that's missing online is talking with people about what they fill their day doing (let's be honest, they do school / work lot more than say 'Check-in at Ronnie's Pizza').

Some of my best friends are at Harvard, Grinnell, Notre Dame, Mizzou, SLU and Westminster College. All totally different experiences and my guess is that when we get into the working world it'll be the same at the vastly different companies we work for.

We all have totally different interests and do totally different things on a day to day basis but that's part of the attraction and fascination.

Frictionless sharing in this space (and hopefully hyper sharing would ensue) could be really cool. However, I believe you need good list management (or automation) before people are ok with hyper sharing of his nature.

Hi Mark,

you've always known that the paradigm on which it is based Facebook is folding in on itself.

It is dispersive.

Now think about the concept of Affinity.
Let me explain:

I joined facebook and i play in a rowing team (i'm kidding ya).
Me and my mates do not share a simple interest in rowing, we share an affinity: to be in the same rowing team.

An affinity is more complex than an interest.

If John Doe practice rowing, we have the same interest but he does not arouse much interest in me. But if John Doe has competed in my league then we have the same affinity. A weak affinity.

If John Doe has raced against my team (attended the same event), then there will be a stronger affinity between me and him.

If i'm reading his posts, commenting his photo than the affinity will became stronger.

The friendship is automatically confirmed.

So the whole mechanism is recalibrated on the actual interactions i have with people.
I will no longer do manual steps to add friends, accept friendship requests, filtering content
of friends that are not real friends but I do not want to remove them for "social" fear ecc.

We have so many social friends, social connections, that it's stupid to keep count of them, or classify them manually.

All are friends of all, as in real life..
There is no need to approve manually a friendship: the social context is approving the friendship.
We give only an estimate, when the opportunity presents itself, to evaluate the friendship.

Relationships are made of affinities not on simple interests sharing.
If you want to discuss on this stuff feel free to mail me.

Best regards,

matteo [dot] benetti [at] maxpho [dot] com

Charge $1.00 for each year of useage for every member, donate it to a charity which is
voted on, annually, by all the members. The addictive nature of the site will seem less trivial to members, and your interests in connecting people across the world will form a collective bond of philanthropy.

Another idea, which I figure you are against, is to create a dating platform within Facebook for those who wish to do so. Let's admit, how many people joined up just to check out one girl or guy's profile? Hell, I went on my first date with my current fiancée because of Facebook. It would need not be encouraged, or even advertised, but nonetheless available for those who want to use it. They're doing it already, and this would simplify things.

Lastly, and this is more of a grand thing here, an idea I've had would be to start to offer "classes" on Facebook and make it a learning environment. Not a college per se,
but an interactive educational tool in perhaps computer science, business, marketing, etc....if the overall mission is to connect people across the world, why not connect those with common goals and interests that would normally never meet? Who knows what could come from it. Maybe even have a guest lecturer or two available for real-time chat? At the very least, it could offer the younger crowd of Facebook users a chance to mingle with college students and professionals. If the goal is to connect people on a worldwide scale, why limit it for only social reasons?

21:16 You were a great friend to me at Harvard University, you helped me with all aqules Calculations analysis of sistemas.Eu am very grateful for that Mark.

how about you put a background in the home page like friendster before

Hey! Mark i'm a big fan of yours and i was inspired by your creation specially the FACEBOOK..!! I am only 14yrs old and i want to be like you..I want to learn like what you did ...
Can you teach me??

Hey mark how can we change our facebook background and color of it?
And how can we untimeline our facebook profile?

The funny thing is, you stated it as a question. Are you questioning that it needs a new paradigm or are you asking for one?

I've got some ideas. Include file sharing of sorts. Okay, here's a more specific idea to that idea. Teachers are creating tons and tons and tons of files (lesson plans, power points, assessments) etc. And there's no 'great site' for us to share it on. At least not for free. We could use a great site to share it on because it would benefit... every child in America (and the world). Also, we're supposed to be all uniting by holding hands with the Common Core anyways so this would make it easier. If you like my idea, you can contact me (I'm sure you could figure out how!). I've been teaching 4 years in Baltimore City.

Create Forum on the fly.

Hi Mark,

Like everybody else, i've been on facebook for long time. Like the actress sleeping with timberlake in social network says 'it is freakishly addictive'

when you say new paradigm, you may mean to say new outlook to social networking or something additional to already existing.

One thing i would like to add to social networking in Create forum on the fly. many companies are allowing people to use facebook in office. and same companies may have whole lot of discussion happenign between people. These discussion generally happen through mails which floods the mailbox making it difficult for people to keep track of what the subject was in the first place and where have they reached

So if facebook could accomodate creating forum on the fly and letting users leverage the same for their day-to-day discussions, it would be remarkable.


Edited at 2012-06-16 05:21 am (UTC)

hi mark, i am murat; in istanbul, turkey

at first, sorry for my english

(everywords for turkeys conditions)
unfortunately i dont love facebook, because intelligent quality is very low

there are many children, everybody can use facebook but children cant use correctly

in turkey, many children believes superstitions like that "if you dont post this message in 20 different post, your mother will have been killed by the time tomorrow morning"

or "if you post this message in 10 different post, your boy/girl friend will be online" and continues... "100% confirmed by mark zuckerberg"

you want more user, but the users must not be children, the more children, the less informed/conscious user.

I have been using twitter recently(8-9 months) if you want me or people like me back, you must develop new algorithm that seperates children from young mans(12-28)

thanks mark, children dont love twitter because twitter is complicated for children :)

Hi I tried creating my own social networking website I really need a review could u plz hav e a look at it ..
I tried installing the Facebook widget but dint work also it would be great if u could provide some Iframe codes for the comment box
Thanking you
Ayush Raniwala

Are you serious? Who would believe this is real?

How about canceling the friend request block so we all can add friends????that'll be big change

hello Mark I got an idea I think you might be interested in. I have been looking around and following your work for awhile now your the reason I got into the whole stuff about computers and coding in the first place and I do admit I love the whole facebook idea. Anyway here is my idea on facebook I have noticed people can do pretty much anything but what I think would be very good to the users. If they would be allowed to add music directly to their own profile from their own computer. So instead of embedding a youtube video they can have music on their own profiles that they personally upload themselves and give them the option to delete their song's like a little delete button by the side of each song uploaded. Let me know what you think a bout the idea. I do have a few more and if I ever got the chance to talk with you I will be happy to tell you what other ideas I have in mind.

Hey there,
Im impressed by your idea... Even I've thought about it..i would love to hear about your other ideas..

Perfect Identity, 3 Profiles

I search for something , like for instance a celebrity . I type in a name , and I get the list of pages according to their ranks in the results. How cool it will be if I have the option of choosing only the authorised pages of that person as a category :) The profiler : how cool it will be if I can built 3 types of different profiles - a private for chatting and other entertainment stuff , a public for the world ,and a Business profile or a Professional Profile which will be viewed for those purposes - User of all types can benefit with this feature. This will make facebook a source of search!!

Make Facebook Holographic using the regular 3 Lenses

I think texting doesn't seem real enough yet.

Just my opinion. But other wise Facebook seems to be working.

I have new ideas mark.
But No one does not notice me. :)

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