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Getting bigger
Picture of me
Facebook is getting new users with the speed of light - and i'm happy about it.

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Man! It'll get even bigger. And we are all happy about it!!!!!

How many of those users are just existing members creating multiple accounts?

I too question that because I know dozens with multiple accounts. Sadly, these multiple accounts(the ones that I know of anyway), were all made for Mafia Wars character status, kind of sad.

Yeah, that's pretty much what I was referring to, otherwise known as "farm" accounts for the various games. The only other instance of multiple accounts that I know of is that some people keep separate "personal" and "business" accounts.

Thank u for giving us a space with extreem features

I idolize you because I been a Programmer sense I was 16, day in... Day out. But, I hear you sell our personal information to the Government. That's not true... Is it? :/
I hope not... If so I wouldn't want to idolize you. :[

Programmer since 16, spelling and grammar needs to be worked on though!

Most programmers aren't good at grammar.

dude i loved the movie, you are a freaking genius, you have done a lot, you have changed social networking, yes i know i'm kissing butt but i know good when I see it, thanks for such an awesome website.



It is getting bigger but I'm sure even at your end you'll see it slowing down, as the population comes to a stand still. I followed your work when I could back when you first made it and it's become so HUGE in half a decade's time. It hit my college around late 2005, I was a mere 5 hours away in a tiny town in Upstate, NY.

What would be your thoughts on a Facebook page that was more-less back to its original status? I.E. A homepage with the Wall, no ads, back to what it was in its first years, giving its users the option to use the new or old style. I understand it'd probably take money out of the hands of FB as those users that decided to go with the ad-free version, but it might make thousands of users happy. Some of my friends have told me to make it, but I understand the work that goes into it and would want to be compensated for it... they on the other hand know nothing of programming and think it's as easy as waking up in the morning. Also, I'm limited to hosting with my current internet with Time Warner Cable, they're not the best with supporting servers at home!

hey mark you are my idol
i have watched the movie based on you.
i really dream of doing such things.i want to meet you but you are at that height and i am nowhere now. i want to lit my future in electronics as i am doing b.tech in ece.

Hey Mark awesome job man still can't get off the Facebook hangover but the adds are becoming quite nasty I want the old adds-free Facebook back can you do that for me and guess what my 12 year old cousin is using Facebook, hope you won't mind him defying your 13+ regime :D

Steve Jobs said : "Android is a theft product"
Me : what about g+ ?
Mark Zuckerberg : "Interesting, but too late. Let's see."
RIM : "God loves patient people"

Yabutt: Livejournal is still the awesome. If only they'd quit changing crap.

That's good FB got no of user day by day..............
but the fact u r not happy with it...............
it the reality of real..............

The Facebook app for iPhone and iPad are one of the best changes in Facebook's history. Businesses can connect together easily through Facebook's vast improvements. That is some excellent platform development. Great job.

I love Facebook a lot great way to keep friends up to date

hi am marck zuckerberg of Brazil and I love facebook congratulation!!

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