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Picture of me
Interesting, but too late. Let's see.

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PLZ chat with me once i have my facebook account ok hetraj solanki. I m an Indian. I have one big wish to chat with u. Add me as hetraj solanki on facebook. i have profile pic of ghost rider.

honestly, I only curious to open an account in Google+. Now I forgot my password.

I think the sparks feature is excellent. It really hits home for the people who enjoy reading about similar things everyday and I am surprised you haven't used your marketing data to target news stories for users yet.

Yeah, pretty much. I have a +Google account, tho I barely use it. I don't know why. Now, I occasionally use Facebook. I used to check it more before. But oh well. Cheers.

Just noticed the, like, "I don't know" of signing in with my Twitter account instead of my Facebook account. Yeah...

Facebook ftw! Wee. (:

something bigger coming sir......... just wait for couple of months........ i already msged u on ur fb account....

Google+ Got More Features, Facebook Got more Friends

Though there are pretty good features in Google+, people are addicted to facebook, they don't want to transfer.

Export FB contacts to Google+ - Do you agree?

You said G+ is interesting.. Why don't you give your users a simple chance of exporting their FB contacts to G+. If there are more users G+ could do some miracles and preserves your interest and you'll definitely deserve their success. Try Mark!

It turned out to be working great as a social network! Especially for professionals.

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